Nutrition Education & Obesity Prevention (NEOP), a CalFresh Healthy Living Program

Food Finder

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Food Finder allows you to find free food assistance programs near you based on your zip code.

Note: Distribution times, days, and eligibility requirements are subject to change. Please call the food provider before visiting to confirm distribution days, hours, and eligibility information.

Get CalFresh

Healthier Stores for Our Community.

Individuals and families may be eligible to receive CalFresh benefits if they are low income.

Read more about qualifications and how to apply for CalFresh

Where can I use my CalFresh/EBT card?
  • Food may be purchased at participating grocery stores, online retailers, and farmers' markets.
  • To find a retail store that accepts CalFresh/EBT near you, visit the EBT Map and type in your address or zip code.
  • Participating online retailers also accept CalFresh/EBT. For more information, visit the Stores Accepting SNAP Online page.

Other food assistance programs, including services for seniors, can be found at the San Joaquin County Human Services Agency.

Farmers' Markets

Healthier Stores for Our Community

Farmers' markets offer fresh, nutritious produce for you and your family and is a great way for you to connect with the farmers that grew them. View our Farmers' Market Guide (English/Spanish) to find a farmers market near you. The guide also includes which markets accept CalFresh EBT, WIC, and Senior Nutrition Vouchers

Market Match Program

Tobacco-Free Campus for Our Students

Did you know you can get twice as many fresh fruits and vegetables with your CalFresh EBT card? Learn more about how Market Match works.


Community Engagement

Through our partnership with Leah’s Pantry, we offer trauma-informed nutrition education to improve the health, wellness, and resilience of communities. Classes include basic nutrition and food preparation, reducing household food waste, and holistic skills for young adults and adults raising children.

Physical Activity

Resources for Current Smokers Who Want to Quit

CATCH, or Coordinated Approach to Child Health, is an evidence-based platform that promotes a fun and effective approach to increasing physical activity in youth. Our program offers the classes during after school hours and during summer break for grades 4-8. Additionally, we offer resources to class participants to bring to their families to encourage physical activity at home.


Resources for Current Smokers Who Want to Quit

Nutrition to Grow On is an innovative curriculum that offers teachers a direct link between the garden and nutrition education. Nine lessons are designed to teach children and their families about nutrition by relating each lesson to a garden activity. The curriculum uses the garden to integrate, science, mathematics, language arts, history, environmental studies, nutrition, and health, while reinforcing the California academic content standards. Our classes are offered to youth in grades 4-6.

Safe Routes to School

Resources for Current Smokers Who Want to Quit

Safe Routes to School is a national initiative that works to make it safer, more convenient, and fun for children of all ages to walk and bicycle to and from schools. By improving roadway safety (e.g., sidewalks, crosswalks, signage, lighting, etc.) more youngsters are able to walk or ride to school. The goal is to reduce injuries as well as to increase health and physical activity.

Boggs Tract

Resources for Current Smokers Who Want to Quit

The Boggs Tract Sustainable Community Transportation Plan will help guide future street improvements that promote walking, biking and public transit; reduce greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles; and enhance travel in the Boggs Tract neighborhood to community destinations including schools, social services, grocery stores, and jobs. Click here for more information.

Assembly Bill 617 (AB 617)

Resources for Current Smokers Who Want to Quit

Assembly Bill 617 (AB 617) requires the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and air districts to develop and implement additional emissions reporting, monitoring, reduction plans and measures in an effort to reduce air pollution exposure in disadvantaged communities. Given that 20 of the 30 most disadvantaged communities in California are in the San Joaquin Valley, this process is expected to bring additional clean air resources and strategies to many Valley communities.

Nutrition Pantry Program

The Nutrition Pantry Program  offers training, technical assistance, and certification to food distribution sites interested in creating client-centered, health-promoting distributions that follow best practices across six focus areas—inventory, education, policy, waste reduction, cultural responsiveness, and environment.

Resources for Current Smokers Who Want to Quit

Healthy Retail Program

Resources for Current Smokers Who Want to Quit

Our Healthy Retail Program, Refresh San Joaquin, is a component of our CalFresh Healthy Living Program. The goals of the program are to work with local retailers to increase the amount of healthy foods, fresh foods, and low or no-sugar beverages they offer for sale and to reduce the dangerous effects of unhealthy products and advertising in the community.


Healthy Recipes:
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For Kids:
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For Teens:
Take Charge of Your Health: A Guide for Teenagers
– National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDKD)

For Adults:
MyPlate for Adults – USDA
Walk. Run. Dance. Play. What’s your move?
– Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP)

For Older Adults:
Nutrition Information Resources for Older Individuals – USDA
Exercise and Physical Activity – National Institute on Aging
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