Mission Statement:

The mission of the public health laboratory is to provide public health laboratory services in a cost efficient and quality assured manner. More specifically, the following enhances the statement:

  1. Provide services to aid in the prevention, control and diagnosis of all illnesses of public concern
  2. Assist in epidemiological investigations.
  3. Assist in the monitoring and control of health and safety conditions associated with the environment.
  4. Assist in the research and evaluation of the health problems of the community.
  5. Provide laboratory services for the specialized health department programs.
  6. Provide information and consultation to the private laboratories and the medical and public health community in the field of laboratory science.
  7. Provide laboratory services not otherwise available.


For more information call 209-468-3460

Additional Information:

Hours of Operation:
  • Days of Operation: Monday - Friday
  • Hours of Operation: 8am to 5pm
  • Main Laboratory: 209-468-3460
  • Fax #: 209-468-0639

Email contact for correspondence (during phone line issues etc): phslabmgrs@sjcphs.org

After Hours Emergency No. 209-468-6000

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