Local Oral Health Program (LOHP)

Local Oral Health Program.

PHS Local Oral Health Program has been established, in partnership with the San Joaquin Treatment + Education for Everyone on Teeth + Health (SJ TEETH) Coalition, to improve dental health in the County, with a special focus on reaching the most vulnerable and underserved communities. The program is made possible by Proposition 56, the California Healthcare Research and Prevention Tobacco Tax Act of 2016 and administered through the California Department of Public Health, Oral Health Program.

Building on a strategic plan created in partnership with SJ TEETH in 2018, the Local Oral Health Program will focus on six key areas to improve oral health:

Local Oral Health Program.
  1.  Oral Health Workforce
  2.  Access to Dental Services
  3.  Oral Health Education & Promotion
  4.  Integration of Medical & Dental Care
  5.  Countywide Coordination of Oral Health Services
  6.  Evaluation

For more information about SJ TEETH or oral health resources, visit www.SJTEETH.org

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