Laboratory Staffing

Lab staff using Probtec

The public health laboratory is staffed by the following positions:

Laboratory Director

Supervising Microbiologist

Senior Microbiologists


The San Joaquin County Public Health Laboratory is staffed by State certified Public Health Microbiologists. Requirements for Public Health Microbiology include a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology or a related field followed by a six month training period at a Public Health Laboratory. Certification by the State of California requires a passing score on the State certification examination following the six month training period. Contact the Laboratory Field Services website link ( for specific application requirements. For career information and academic resources, see ‘Career Info’ on the California Association of Public Health Laboratory Directors website (

Laboratory Support Staff

  • Laboratory Technicians
  • Laboratory Assistants
  • Laboratory Courier
  • Laboratory Water Sampler

Laboratory Clerical Staff/Administration

  • Office Supervisor
  • Senior Office Assistants