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Tips for finding infant formula
  • Contact several preferred stores to determine typical days and times of formula shipments throughout the week.
  • Shop at different times of the day. Stores get shipments at different times of the day, so the shelves may be empty in the morning and stocked in the evening.
  • Information for WIC Families on Infant Formula Availablity
  • Non-WIC parents and caregivers who face a shortage should call their health care providers first to help them navigate infant formula options when supplies are scarce.
  • Call your local food bank as donations of formula are welcomed there.
  • Call 2-1-1 in San Joaquin County for help on local resources. You can also call their toll-free number at (800) 436-9997 or Visit https://211sj.org
  • Consider using human milk from one of the following certified human milk banks: https://mothersmilk.org/ or https://uchealth.service-now.com/csp.
  • If you need to substitute a formula brand, companies often provide comparison charts to identify the best choice.
  • Parents and caregivers are advised to follow formula instructions and NOT dilute formula or use homemade recipes for substitution as this can seriously harm a baby’s health. Call your healthcare provider for additional guidance as to a safe substitution if no formula from safe sources can be found near you.
Visit the CDPH Infant Formula web page for the latest information.

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